Globalization Strategy
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For many companies, the decision to go global did not occur at a specific moment
but rather evolved over time as opportunities presented themselves and expectations grew.
The result is that you now likely work with dozens of translation vendors
with limited managerial oversight resulting in higher costs, lower productivity
and inconsistent quality.

By engaging L10N Technology (LT), you can consolidate your spending and disparate processes
under one contract, affording you one point of contact and accountability
while improving turnaround times and production quality. We begin with an objective audit
of your current processes and support models. From there we develop a custom globalization program
for your firm that integrates your internal production systems and teams with one or more
of our core capabilities including:

Technical Writing

LT has more than 2,000 professionals in 24 countries supplemented by 10,000 qualified linguists.
This extensive network of language professionals connected via our proprietary technology,
including the translation portal Elcano™, makes us the partner of choice
for all your multilingual needs.