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In the past several years, new techniques and technology have emerged
that enable corporate training organizations to achieve their goals
and cost-effectively reach a global audience. Computer-based training,
videos, and other vehicles are supplementing traditional classrooms
and providing additional distribution options that enable broader delivery.
However, reaching your audience is only half the challenge. To ensure
the greatest level of comprehension and retention, your content
must be delivered in the native language of your target audiences.

Working with L10N Technology (LT), you can adapt your training content
to suit the linguistic and cultural environments of employees and customers
in your target markets. We begin with a review of your content relative
to your various audiences and from there we design a custom solution
to maximize the impact of your material. To adapt your program content,
we will call on our e-Learning experts to address such areas as

Content Creation and Content Management
Multimedia Production

LT has more than 2,000 professionals in 24 countries supplemented by 10,000 qualified linguists.
This extensive network of language professionals connected via our proprietary technology,
including the translation portal Elcano™, makes us the partner of choice
for all your multilingual needs.