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As economic borders evaporate, marketing leaders are under increased pressure
to drive share and brand awareness on a global scale.
Selling into additional geographic territories can open up enormous potential
for revenue generation and help distribute economic risk, but such efforts
require new approaches and, more important, new perspectives.

Working with L10N Technology (LT) enables you to maximize the impact and results
of your global marketing and communications efforts while providing the control
and protection you desire. Our work begins with a review of your target markets
and their respective cultures to identify potential issues and leverage points.
We then design a custom Global Marketing and Communications program that brings
to bear the best of our capabilities, including

Multicultural Brand Management and Cultural Assessments
Content Creation and Content Management
Multimedia Production

LT has more than 2,000 professionals in 24 countries supplemented by 10,000 qualified linguists.
This extensive network of language professionals connected via our proprietary technology,
including the translation portal Elcano™, makes us the partner of choice
for all your multilingual needs.