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Even with the evolution of a borderless global economy,
many companies today still assume that what works well
in their home market will work well in other markets.
If only this were the case. In each new country there
are a variety of factors that will affect the customer’s
perception of your product and ultimately his or her decision
to purchase. Failure to properly identify and address these barriers
can place your entire global product plan in jeopardy.

Successful global companies have come to rely on L10N Technology (LT)
to adapt their products and supporting documentation to meet
the increasingly diverse expectations and requirements
of their global customer base. Our work begins
with a thorough analysis of your products and target markets,
including functional testing to establish baseline performance metrics.
Using this information, we then create a custom solution
that leverages our core capabilities in such areas as


LT has more than 2,000 professionals in 24 countries supplemented by 10,000 qualified linguists.
This extensive network of language professionals connected via our proprietary technology,
including the translation portal Elcano™, makes us the partner of choice
for all your multilingual needs.