Multicultural Marketing
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L10N Technology provides a full range of creative consulting, design, and graphic services including:

Consultation and research on the impact of your creative in diverse cultures and languages
Concept development and design for any target market
Adaptation of existing creative
Graphic production of multilingual text

Our international creative team has the skill to meet our clients’ creative and production
needs in any culture. They are experts at recognizing the impact of images, colors,
and other creative elements in worldwide markets as well as specific cultures.
Designers from different countries and cultures can develop or adapt creative to meet your needs.
Working with your creative team or as your creative team, they provide the specific expertise you require.

So whether your focus is on worldwide markets, or a target ethnic group in your own country,
L10N Technology will partner with you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.
Our team possesses unparalleled resources for testing and adapting pre-existing creative,
as well as extensive expertise in developing concepts from the outset.