Translator Certification
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As a leader in quality translation services, L10N Technology provides
a Certificate of Accuracy to all clients:

We offer two types of certification of accuracy:
Notarized Certification of Translation Accuracy.
   This is a hard copy notarized certificate that is issued at the end of translation projects
   for the set of deliverables. Here is a pdf of a sample Certificate of Translation Accuracy.
Electronic Certification of Translation Accuracy.
   This is an electronic stamp on each page of the translation, and is typically used
   when translating patient records.

Certified Medical Translation
L10N Technology's clients in the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research industries
often require certified translation of clinical trial documents.
Submittal of translated clinical data to regulatory bodies
such as Institutional Review Boards (IRB), the FDA, and analogous regulatory institutions
in other countries requires that all medical translations be certified
by medically trained translators. L10N Technology can certify these medical translations
because of the high technical standards we set for our medical translation team.

Other examples of certified translation include:
Case Report Forms (CRF)
Instructions for Use (IFUs)
Clinical Study Reports and Protocols
Packaging Inserts
Deviation Reports and Summaries
Patient Records and Questionnaires
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Informed Consent Forms
Toxicology Reports

Certificate of Translation Accuracy for Non-medical Clients
Our clients in legal, defense, heavy equipment, aerospace, and similar industries
particularly clients in the regulated industries, also, at times, require
certified translation of their documents. For example, our clients have required
certified translation of safety manuals, marketing scripts, toxicology reports,
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), legal contracts, patents, and agreements.